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What is UVC light?

steril aire coil

Ultraviolet (UV) light is one form of electromagnetic energy produced naturally by the sun. UV is a spectrum of light just below the visible light and it is split into four distinct spectral areas:

  • Vacuum UV (100 to 200nm)
  • UVC (200 to 280nm)
  • UVB (280 to 315nm)
  • UVA (315 to 400nm)


UVC Exposure

UVC exposure inactivates microbial organisms such as bacteria and viruses by altering the structure and the molecular bonds of their DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid). DNA is a “blue print” these organisms use to develop, function and reproduce. By destroying the organism’s ability to reproduce, it becomes harmless since it cannot colonise. After UVC exposure, the organism dies off leaving no offspring, and the population of the microorganism diminishes rapidly.

  • Specifically designed and engineered UVC technology for HVAC and R
  • Highest industry performance in cold moving air
  • Australian Independent Certified Measurement and Verification
  • Multiple successful Government audited trials
  • Australian Electrical Safety Certification
  • UL Certified for the HVAC Environment
  • Destroys DNA and RNA of microorganisms
  • Real results against large quantities of airborne microorganisms

 steril aire how does it work

steril aire tube


The specification used by Steril-Aire for successful outcomes:

  • AIRAHDA15 Manual Section 12.7.4 recommendation: HVACUVGI Cooling Coil Applications and ASHRAE research specification taken from the Paper Restoring and Maintaining Acceptable HVAC Performance with UVGI Coil Treatment
  • Dose On the Down Stream Coil Face At Extremities: The UVC dose at the extreme edges of the coil shall not be less than 1225mW/cm2 and end of life intensity on the coil face shall exceed 750mW/cm2 at the end of the 2 years of operation measured in 2.5m/s air flow at 13DegC. (Necessary to remove and prevent Bio film from forming)
  • Steril-Aire has also complied with mandatory Australian Electrical Safety and ULHVAC certification
  • Australian Safety Approval (ASA): Tested to comply with AS/NZS61347.1, AS/NZS61347.2 and AS/NZS61347.3
  • EMC Testing to Standard AS/NZSCISPR15
  • UL Compliance: Comply with UL Standard 1995, 153, 1598 as applicable to usage of UVC Emitters in HVAC Equipment
  • ISO Certification: Fixtures must be manufactured in an ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 (Environmental Certification) registered facility


Coils Before and After Steril-Aire

coils before and after