Ventilation and Exhaust System Cleaning

These may include any type of system where air is exhausted and supplied to a space. Each type of system has its own peculiarities depending on the containments being exhausted, distances travelled and design of systems.

ventilation system cleaning 1

Toilet Exhaust

A simple exhaust system is often forgotten. They are prone to a build-up of dust from the space with fall-out issues when extreme.

Car Park Exhaust and Supply systems

Designed to comply with AS1861, any lack of efficiency can cause a build- up of Carbon Monoxide which is an odourless colourless gas which can be toxic.

Laundry Exhaust

Specialised system for laundries prone to heavy build-up of lint which may cause a fire hazard

Battery Room Exhaust

Specialised system to remove fumes generated from batteries – lack of maintenance may cause a corrosive and unsafe work environment.

Industrial Exhaust and Ventilation Systems

A variety of systems all with specific design requirements. A lack of maintenance can cause a fire or explosion hazard depending on materials exhausted.

ventilation system cleaning 2

ventilation system cleaning 3