Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Kitchen Exhaust systems are an essential item for cleanliness and safety in a modern kitchen. Systems are designed for a specific duty of air flow and velocity to achieve the desired result.

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Systems need to be maintained to continue to achieve this design. Grease, smoke and other by-products of the cooking process can contaminate Hoods, Grease Filters, Ducts and Exhaust Fans. This affects their operating efficiency and Food Hygiene standards. Insurance companies require written certification of compliance to relevant standards including AS 1851. A well maintained system reduces the risk of fire, operates more efficiently and saves energy. It also provides a healthier, safer and more comfortable working environment.

There are no short cuts in cleaning a kitchen exhaust systems - full contact wiping and scouring of every surface is required. Poorly maintained or heavy use systems may require the use of specialised hot water cleaning systems and powered scourers to remove stubborn build-up. Specialised cleaning agents are required to clean and protect the stainless steel surfaces.

On completion of cleaning a Kitchen Exhaust system Clean-Air will issue a Certificate of Cleaning.

See Sample Before and After Report
See Sample Certificate of Cleaning

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