Insulation Repair and Replacement

Insulation in HVAC systems stops the transfer of unwanted heat to the airstream and prevent condensation from occurring.

insulation repair and replacement 2

Minor failures of the insulation or the facing of the insulation can occur in areas of maintenance traffic or at high velocity points. Clean Air can repair these minor failures to maintain the integrity of the insulation. Sisal facing on insulating material can be re-covered with the existing insulation and facing in place.

Where a major failure of the insulation occurs there may be Fall-out from loosened insulation fibres or condensation from air contacting a cooled surface. This can in turn lead to Mould and unwanted odours in the space. Clean Air would remove and dispose of the existing insulation. We would then replace it with a similar or superior insulating material using mechanical fasteners and adhesives. This would then prevent unwanted heat transfer and condensation.

insulation repair and replacement 1

insulation repair and replacement 3

insulation repair and replacement 4