Industrial Cleaning Services

Clean-Air has performed a variety of Industrial Cleaning tasks across many different industries.

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Clean-air staff use HEPA Filter Vacuum Cleaners and Dust Extraction Equipment to safely remove dust and debris without cross-contamination. Where applicable we may also use High Pressure washing, Hot Water Cleaning and various specialised chemical cleaning techniques. We use isolation walls and safety dams to prevent water damage. We can use negative air pressure systems to isolate our work areas from operational areas. We can cover and protect any sensitive equipment. Many times it just comes down to hand wiping and scraping to remove build ups in hard to reach areas.

Our staff are experienced and licenced to work at heights and in confined spaces with safety. We can safely remove mould and apply anti-microbial coatings to prevent the re-growth of mould. Our Company is a member of NADCA National Air Duct Cleaner Association. On staff we have NADCA certified ASCS (Air System Cleaning Specialist) and VMSR (Ventilation Mould System Remediator).

Our services in Industrial Cleaning include:
  • Cleaning Roof Decks and Overhead Services
  • Cleaning Factory Walls and Ceilings
  • Cleaning Machinery and Equipment
  • Cleaning Refrigerated Coldrooms
  • Mould remediation and Anti-microbial treatment in Storage Areas
  • Mould remediation and Anti-microbial treatment in Mechanical Plant Rooms and other Service Areas

Please contact us to confidentially discuss any industrial cleaning situations you may have.

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