HVAC Hygiene Inspection, Maintenance and Restoration

The term HVAC covers Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems. Most HVAC systems are regularly serviced by Mechanical Service companies.

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These services concentrate on keeping the equipment operating, moving air and controlling the temperature. HVAC Hygiene refers to the overall internal cleanliness and condition of the HVAC systems. See The Hidden Art of HVAC Hygiene. On completion of all services a Before and After Photo Report is supplied. Where applicable a Certificate of Cleaning will also be issued. See Sample Before & After Report. See Sample Certificate of Cleanliness.

HVAC Hygiene Inspection

The first step in good HVAC Hygiene is inspecting and testing. Australian Standard AS/NZS 3666.2 sets inspection requirements and frequency for HVAC systems. In general, most systems are not fitted with Access Panels to allow inspection of the air ducts. We can install Access Panels from which we can take photographs and report on the status of the duct, insulation and any contamination. We would recommend a Surface Swab be taken which can be processed and analysed by an independent laboratory to give an understanding of the system at a microscopic level. Based on the Visual Inspection and results of laboratory testing we can advise if there is any further action required. See Photographic Audits

HVAC Hygiene Maintenance

HVAC Hygiene Maintenance generally entails cleaning of Dust, Debris and Biological matter which build up in various parts of the system. We all understand that we need regular cleaning of the occupied spaces in our buildings. The HVAC system passes the air that we breathe through these occupied spaces. Along the way it collects Dust, Debris and microscopic biological waste which it passes through the HVAC system and back into the occupied space. Internally the systems can be affected over time by corrosion, deterioration of protective surfaces, insulation and other internal components. Clean-Air can perform HVAC Hygiene maintenance on all the various components of the HVAC system including Coils, AHUs, Fan Coil Units, and Ducts & Fittings. See below for more details.

HVAC Hygiene Restoration

As the HVAC system operates and ages there can be deterioration within the system. This may entail replacement or remediation of internal components. Clean-Air can perform HVAC Hygiene restoration on all the various components of the HVAC system including – Coils, Air Handling Units, Fan Coil Units, Package Units, Ducts & Fittings.

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