Dry Ice Blasting

As most of our work is carried out inside sensitive environments we are always looking for better techniques and technology. Our latest innovation is Dry Ice Blasting.

This uses C02 as a medium instead of sand or grit use in sand blasting. This reduces the remaining residue to only the primary waste being removed with the CO2 vapourising to the atmosphere. There is no greenhouse gas effects as this CO2 was originally removed from the atmosphere to produce the dry ice. Dry Ice Blasting produces a powerful removal medium with no after waste. It is ideal for HVAC use where secondary waste takes valuable time and effort to stop system contamination.

This is a dry process which is Non-abrasive, Non-flammable and Non-conductive. Dry Ice Blasting is clean enough for the Food Industry but strong enough for everything else. It is also widely used in the following industries: Printing, Food Processing, Power Generation, Historic Preservation, Automotive, Electronics & Manufacturing. It can be used on all Metals, Rubber, Plastics, Textiles and Wood.

If you have a difficult surface to clean in a sensitive area then Dry ICE Blasting may be the solution. Please contact Clean Air for an obligation free inspection and quotation.

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