Air Conditioning Unit Cleaning

Air Conditioning Units can be put into 3 main categories

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AHUs- Air Handling Units

These are the lungs of a modern centrally air conditioned building, they move air through the occupied space, introduce outside air, filter, cool, heat and de-humidify the air and then reintroduces it to the space. They are generally located on the roof or in plant rooms on various floors.

FCUs - Fan Coil Units

These are smaller versions of AHUs often installed in ceiling spaces. They may be part of a central chilled water system or an individual split refrigeration system. Minor systems may be in a Wall Mounted, Cassette or Under Ceiling configurations.

Package Units

These are independent systems which include the FCU with a refrigeration system in a single system.

Air Conditioning Unit Cleaning

The basic air side components of AHU, FCU and Package Units are a Mixing Plenum, Filter Section, Cooling Coil, Condensate Tray and Drains, Supply Air Fans & Motors and a discharge plenum. Clean-Air will clean and treat all internal surfaces of the AHU, FCU or Package Unit. A major item is the Coil Cleaning as mentioned previously. See Coil Cleaning

Drain Trays are a source of biological contamination and require regular inspection and cleaning. Additional treatment may be required if there are any signs of corrosion or other damage including leaks. Supply Fans are thoroughly cleaned and if required can be treated for corrosion and repainted. See Fan Painting and Restoration


A Clean and well maintained AHU, FCU or Package Unit is much more energy efficient and can make substantial savings in energy costs. It will also provide the highest indoor air quality possible for a healthier indoor environment. This results in a healthier, happier and more productive workforce. See The Top Seven Reasons

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