The Hidden Art of HVAC Hygiene

At Clean-Air we understand that most people outside of the Air Conditioning Industry have not heard of HVAC Hygiene or even Duct Cleaning. Most of our work is carried out after hours and our aim is to leave no trace that we have been there.

hvac hygiene

We can’t tell you about a lot of our work because it is done in commercial confidence. Often our Customers do not want their Clients or staff to know the extent of an issue. This is to avoid extreme concerns by sensitive staff over sick building syndrome or other building health issues by sensitive staff. After we have completed our services we provide a detailed report with Before and After Photos to show what we have achieved. We work in many sensitive areas such as Hospitals and Food Manufacturing where hygiene has far reaching complications. We also work in very security conscious environments including Military, Police and Government applications.

While there are health risks associated with poor HVAC Hygiene we do not over emphasise these issues. We would rather highlight the benefits of having good HVAC Hygiene in place. These include improved energy efficiency, system effectiveness, reduced maintenance costs and extended equipment life. The overall benefit of improved indoor air quality is known to reduce health risks, increase productivity of staff and lead to a more amenable workplace.

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The Queensland Work Health and Safety Act 2011 clearly defines the duties to ensure the health and safety of workers. This includes the management of risks, the provision and maintenance of safe plant and structures. It makes reference to the use of Codes of Practice which includes “Managing the work environment and facilities”. This sets out that a person conducting a business or undertaking has the responsibility to provide a clean safe work environment. This includes Air Quality, Temperature and any other issue that may affect a workers health or safety. There are several Australian Standards including AS/NZS 3666 (Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4), AS 1668 and AS 1851 which are used as references in this area as well as the AIRAH Best Practice Guideline on HVAC Hygiene.


While we work at odd hours in hidden areas often without a client’s knowledge of our existence, we take great pride in our work. We are a company which harnesses 2 very strong forces – Passion & History. We have a Passion for the unusual line of work that we do and a long History of achieving positive results.

We understand that most customers will not be aware of us until they have a need of our services. We will then perform the Hidden Art of HVAC Hygiene to achieve the desired outcome.