The top 7 reasons why you need to consider HVAC Hygiene

The top 7 reasons why you need to consider HVAC Hygiene

top seven reasons


1. Indoor Air Quality

Identify the microscopic dangers to reduce the potential risks.
We are all aware of our increasing responsibilities in OH&S. HVAC Hygiene is important as neglect can lead to health issues. While at first appearing minor, symptoms such as sore eyes, or an itchy nose, or odd smells may be indicators of a larger issue. We will test, identify and treat your system to improve Indoor Air Quality.

2. Energy Efficiency

The best designed plant will not operate efficiently if it is dirty or damaged.
Cooling Coils, Fans, Heaters, Dampers and Controls are only able to operate at peak efficiency if they are clean. We will clean all system components to restore them to peak efficiency. Insulation and vapour barriers deteriorate over time we will repair or replace damaged materials. We will improve your system to save your energy costs.

3. System Effectiveness

The capacity to move and condition air is reduced in dirty systems.
We have air conditioning systems to provide a comfortable, safe internal environment. A system cannot circulate air, cool, heat or dehumidify effectively if it is not clean. This leads to an uncomfortable and possibly an unhealthy indoor environment. We will improve your system effectiveness giving enhanced comfort.

4. Fall Out from Air Conditioning

Rectify the physical issues deep inside your system.
It may first become apparent as small specks appearing on paper on desks and increase to larger pieces including fibre glass fluff. These ominous findings are symptomatic of an internal problem, deep inside your air conditioning system. Your HVAC maintenance provider may not be aware of these issues, which will not dissipate on their own and will only become worse with time. We will investigate and remediate these fall-out issues.

5. Maintenance Costs

We clean where cleaners cannot reach.
If your maintenance provider is spending valuable time cleaning and re-cleaning your air conditioner every month this is poor economy. We will clean and treat your system to reduce maintenance costs. It may also help to reduce other cleaning issues in the building. We always use and recommend HEPA filtered vacuum cleaning systems to capture and remove the finest particles.

6. Extend Equipment Life

Rust never sleeps, even deep inside your air conditioning system.
We have all seen the effects of corrosion shortening the life of mechanical plant. Deep inside your air conditioning system corrosion is at work on fans and dampers etc. We will clean, treat and protect these areas to extend their life.

7. Because

You just don’t know?
You may be totally unaware of issues in your air conditioning or ventilation system. Mechanical service companies or your maintenance staff may do a great job at keeping the system operating but they do not have the skills, tools or materials to perform HVAC Hygiene remediation. We will discreetly inspect and report on your systems so that you can be aware and make informed decisions.